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Thymeli from the Kopanezos family,

represents the continuation of perhaps the most traditional family, which deals with nomadic beekeeping in Kalymnos.

Starting from the beginning of the century, in Myrties of Kalymnos, from our ancestors, Magriplis Nikolaos and Irene, the art of beekeeping was passed on to our father and mother, Antonis Kopanezos and Magripli Maria.

Since then, based in Vathi of Kalymnos and depending on the season, our family moves the hives throughout Kalymnos and Kos, with the sole criterion being the maintenance, development, and safety of the bee colonies.

For the past 17 years, the beekeeping tradition of the Kopanezou family has been continued by Drosos and Antonis.

Antonis is the 4th generation beekeeper in our family.

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The nomadic beekeeping practices we follow are based on traditional development methods aimed at producing honey of the highest quality.

Every year, we undergo an extensive series of examinations by the certified beekeeping laboratory of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

According to quality control, the honey we produce is of high nutritional value and contains a high content of thyme pollen.

As "our family" continues to grow,we invite you to discover our product,

and to journey with us through tastes and aromas from this unique gift of nature.

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